Serving in my professional capacities in field of communication and cooperation of representatives from different countries, cultures and nationalities, I put a premium on establishing rapport, cooperation and a common understanding. In other words, serving mutual understanding is my mission, my profession philosophy.

In the light of this philosophy I offer the following

  • Interpreting
  • All types of cross-lingual communication
  • Searching & translating information around the Russia

For companies:

  • Interpreting during negotiations, visits or residence, at on-site projects during equipment mounting or commissioning works.
  • Language assistance in travels. Along with a language support I can take care of all the relevant organizational issues.
  • Business letter writing / all of communication types on the pre-agreed issues.
  • Running operations in a Russian office of your company

For individuals:

  • As an interpreter, I support your communication with Russian people
  • I undertake practical arrangements for your travel in Russia
  • You can contact me in any issues concerning your staying in Russia
  • I surely respond to every request.

О себе

About me

My professional activities have been in one way or other always connected with foreign languages (German & English) and contacts to foreigners. During my life I used to work at different companies doing several types of jobs, and I`ve gained some experience & skills. However, I cannot imagine my life without further developing my knowledge & skills, and the best way for it is making a practice. I like to serve with my knowledge and skills doing my part with a good quality.

I`ve got degree of German & English teacher at the Yekaterinburg State Pedagogical University; additionally, courses of study and trainings for both translator and foreign sale manager.

My experience includes working as a German teacher at a college; an in-house translator & interpreter at factories and a freelance interpreter on-sites; a German company representative in a frame of its collaboration with a Russian manufacturer; a foreign sales and foreign purchasing officer; and a foreign marketing specialist.



Information about a price level for interpreting services in Russia, you find visiting websites of Russian translation agencies (e.g., http://www.trans-lit.ru/en/prices/). Because I mostly provide me services for different customers in varying situations, I prefer a case-by-case and a custom-tailored approach. Thus, a price for you is our individual agreement before.

Elena Zolotavina

Ms. Elena Zolotavina